• • Executed ISO system for management development; implemented quality policies in the departments.
  • • Formulated internal business Plan, along with annual business project plan, setting goals, achievement of target turnover, internal Audit plan and report of variations along with necessary action plans for failure.
  • • Conducted business analysis, net worth, administering and control of business ratings with CRISIL.
  • • Limiting sanctions and optimizing fund base and non-fund base limits and maintaining cash flow properly.
  • • Maintain and control of Fund flow management for duly payment of foreign remittances.
  • • Administering operations and payment like E-banking-RTGS, NEFT to parties and all govt. taxes, dues and custom duty, LCS, bank guarantees, import invoice due and forex transactions for covering the dollars.
  • • Verifying, control and approve of bank and cash transactions, reconciliations and financial charges and cost.
  • • Conducting verification of Book Debts, Stock, Creditors and periodical financial statement of accounts for DP Calculation on a monthly, quarterly, half yearly and yearly basis.
  • • Analyzing and projected financial statement of accounts with ratio analysis with financial results and CMA report.
  • • Checking import controls according to the AS2, AS11 and other applicable accounting standards.
  • • Reviewing HRD Control, also establishing competency architecture for the roles, responsibilities and authority to help identify current and future needs of human resources. Determining how competencies will be integrated with the existing HR Planning process, systems and elements.
  • • Ensuring compliance of govt. rules and regulations for PF, ESIC and PT deduction, payment and return filing, finalizing of payroll, control over documentation and record of employees operations.
  • • Developing ACP/AEO client program schemes and DPD to deliver the goods in time and to reduce the cost.
  • • Supervise, control and authorise of documents for EDP data operations and classification of sales invoices, Local and import purchases, stock records, deposits, payments, debit / credit notes and journalese transactions.
  • • Executing ERP system at all levels, maintaining and supporting ERP software update of Tally ERP 9 and TS9.
  • • Implementing ERP based software projects and ensuring its maintenance in Tally Erp 9 system.
  • • Verification, control and reporting of major reconciliation cash, Bank, Stock, Sales, Purchases, Receivables, Payables, Govt. taxes, custom duties, direct and indirect cost.
  • • Scrutiny of Debtors, creditors and general ledger accounts like statutory, assets, liabilities, revenues and expenses.
  • • Verification and valuation of assets, investments, liabilities and capital.
  • • Certification as require to applicable respective Govt., Bankers, institution and other requirements.
  • • Finalization of financial statement of accounts, statutory audits and filing of applicable statutory returns.
  • • Control and execute power generation wind mill project, review and analysis.
  • • Control and execute of logistic infrastructure for storage, transport and delivery of goods.
  • • Attending Assessment rectification and orders for income tax, sales tax, excise, service tax and custom.

Significant Accomplishments

  • • Collaborated with the management team in improving and executing strategies and processes, accomplishing corporate goals and profitability for the company having annual revenue of INR 900 Cr. with 70+ employees.
  • • Improve and lead turnover of company from INR 70CR year 2002 to INR 900 CR year 2017 by improving growth by 4 to 5 % from 2 to 2.5 % on turnover of company by using financial tools, strategies and controls.
  • • Led the implementation of HR planning, motivation and development tools, which improved employee benefits PF, Medical Insurance, performance rating and allowed 50% increment to staff and achieved the growth and target.
  • • Improved working capital finance projection from INR 70 Cr. to INR 220 Cr. and capital from 30CR to 110CR by successfully applying cost control and profitability analysis and achievements.
  • • Led the strategic cost reduction initiatives by implementing such as ISO system, Internal Control, Internal Check, Internal Audit and Management System.
  • • Played a stellar role in resolution of refund case for SAD that approximated around 5 Cr.-6Cr. per year.
  • • Resolved Govt. Assessment cases of taxation, custom, excise, service tax and save the major amount of demand.
  • • IT assessment resolved for Disallowance of certain depreciation approx. INR 3 Cr. and demand of heavy Income Tax in power generation project of INR 12 Cr. Investment.
  • • Demand of Huge Service Tax - resolved with proper justification.
  • • Rectification of Sales tax assessment and assessment orders.
  • • Implemented IT technology computerized system hardware / software from DOS Base System to newly updated Server Windows 2008 with server and 60+ client users.
  • • Implemented application software and data base system for MIS reporting within the organization.
  • • Implemented and supported ERP base Tally server and tally erp9 application software.
  • • Implement of web hosting and email hosting for user as well as server application base software.
  • • Import System developed from manual Document filing and clearing the goods from custom, to ACP implement for filing document in green channel - time save 3 day.
  • • ACP based DPD implement for online goods clearance from custom house, Time and cost save Rs.5000 to 7000 per container, AEO implement for clearance of custom good as per latest technology.


Achievement of annual revenue Rs. 990+Cr from 70 Cr.
15 Times
Improve working capital from 40 Cr. To 220 Cr.+
22 Times
Capital growth from 30 Cr to 120 Cr+
4 Times
Return on investment 3% to 6%
2 Times

Core Competencies

Projects and other achievements